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What Michael’s colleagues say about him . . .


"Thank you, again, for all of your tremendous assistance yesterday.  It was a master class in negotiation and we are exceptionally grateful for all that you did." - New York attorney 


“Thanks so much for your hard work yesterday.  You are an extremely talented mediator and should raise your rates (except for our matters).” – Nashville attorney


“My clients and I always notice the effort you put into understanding the issues and all parties’ perspectives and how hard you work to help achieve a satisfactory resolution to the problem at hand.  The combination of talent, knowledge of the law, effort, and humor (I love that part), and the overall approach that you bring to mediation, is rare and remarkable.  Keep up the great work.  It serves litigants and the justice system well and is appreciated very much by clients and lawyers alike.” – Nashville attorney


“Thanks again for all your hard work last week.  You ran a mediator’s masterclass in problem solving.” – Atlanta attorney


“Not sure how often you hear back from folks beyond the ‘thank you, Michael’, but you really are a great mediator.  Sometimes I think cases would settle with or without a mediator – setting a mediation just provides the opportunity.  Today, that case only settled because of your skill as a mediator and your convincing the parties to stick with it.” – Nashville attorney


“[Y]ou need to change your rates as you are under-valuing your worth as a mediator.  I practice nationally and have used countless mediators and you are one of the best I’ve seen.” – Atlanta attorney


“Thanks again for the great work you did at the mediation today. I did not think that case would settle, but you worked some serious magic.” – Nashville attorney


“I highly recommend [Michael].  He works very hard and spends more time on pressing each side as opposed to telling war stories and wasting time.  At the same time, he still manages to establish an excellent rapport very quickly.” – Chattanooga attorney


“Michael Russell has quickly become the ‘go to’ mediator for my firm.  He comes to the mediation well prepared and apprised of the facts and applicable law.  He connects very well with my clients and is not afraid to push both sides of the table when necessary.”  - Nashville attorney

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